Avicore Update (or Avicus 2.0) - one of the biggest updates of Avicus Networks.


It was announced on December 15, 2014. The Avicus 2.0 update consists of an incredible amount of changes to the server. It had been accomplished in the past few months before update despite the seemingly slow progress on the server as far as server developments go.

=!=It is an old update, some changes may be redone=!=

Changes Edit

Website (forums) Edit

  • New theme
  • Support page contact form and voicemail number
  • Forums Update:
    • Subscriptions & My Subscription feed.
    • Social links on bottom of page
    • My Discussions & Replies category
    • Custom categories/feeds allows users to group categories together to follow multiple categories more easily.
    • Rearranged categories.
    • Enhanced forum discussion validation for titles, body and tags.
    • Unread discussion count displayed next to each category. Unread post count displayed next to each discussion, click to view the latest unread post.
    • Mark All Read
    • Staff have colored names only. Allow for finding most reliable/official information faster. Ranks displayed under avatars.
    • Permission based locking, archiving and tagging.
    • Online users displayed in order of rank
    • Post revisions allow for staff to track changes to posts and revert changes.
    • View count based on session rather than each page view. Bots are excluded from view count.
    • Website temporary and permanent bans
  • Profile Update:
    • Stats tab displays statistics based on all time, one week or one day periods. Adding monthly statistics soon.
    • Enhanced HTML validation and completion
    • Social network validations
  • Shop:

    • Now accepting Google Wallet

    • Monthly subscription now available for 1/5 price of permanent rank.

    • Premium kits for premium users are listed

    • Trails available for premium users

    • Pet  shop updated and now working in game.

  • Leaderboard:

    • Includes new game modes

    • Orders users including prestiges

    • Rational K/D Ratio requires a user to have greater than 70 deaths to be placed on the list.

Game and server Edit

  • Team Selector (inventory item)
  • Team Chat
    • /channel team
    • /channel global
  • Public map repository
  • Kit selector inventory item with icons
  • User’s whom spawn creatures are awarded kills, when their creature kills someone
  • Spleef detection and prevention
  • Regioning
    • Allows for protecting and modifying areas
    • Triggers allow for things to be called upon region events. Explained and with examples at
  • Nexus
    • Game added!
  • Avicade
    • Game added back!
  • Nebula
    • New shop items, subject to change
    • TDM added to rotations once again
    • Categorized servers (to an extent)
    • Explosion gadgets at end of game! :D
  • The Walls
    • New/modified kits
    • Improved team killing/trolling prevention
  • CTH
    • Spawn protection
    • New & modified kits
  • Teleport as a spectator
  • Confirm prestige

Others Edit

  • More accurate rules and additions to ruleset
  • Maps. Rotations available for viewing at
  • Map Developer and Developer rank
  • Director rank, and modifications to existing staff rank purposes and permissions
  • Reset password without help of admin using the same /register <password> command