Battle of Eternity is the 3rd Avicus tournament (TDM). It was held from June 4 to July 10, 2016.

T3 rules can be found here

Gamemode and Format Edit

Gamemode for the third tournament was Team Death Match (first two had DTM and CTW). It had two rounds - the qualifiers and the invitationals. 16 teams were accepted to the tournament, and splited those two teams in to two groups. They played a round best of 3 (Bo3), and each team played with each other.

All 7 matches was played over 2 weeks - with a group on each set of two weeks. That means the qualifiers took 4 weeks, with each team playing on two of those weeks. The top 4 teams from each group was accepted in to the invitationals.

Every match played in the invitationals was a best of 5 (Bo5). The invitationals were played as a typical double elimination, with the winner of the upper bracket having a one map advantage in the finals against the winner of the losers bracket. The loser of the upper bracket final (not the actual final) played the loser of the final for a 2nd place match after the final. This means that the loser of the last match in the losers bracket was out, and they came 4th.

A Bo3 should take 45 minutes maximum, with a Bo5 - about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Map pool Edit

In the qualifiers, the 7 matches were best of 3 with a veto system. In the invitationals, all matches were best of 5 with all maps being played, with that order to be picked by the teams.

Veto System for Bo3s: The veto works with team the lower seeded team vetoing one map, then the other team veto another map, then team one pick one, team two pick one and the last map is played as the decider map if necessary.

Map Picks for Bo5: The map picks for a best of 5 will work with the lower seeded team picking the first map, then the other team picking the second map, then the lower seeded team will pick third, higher seeded team will pick 4th, then the last map that hasn't been picked will be played.

Team Information Edit

20 teams in to the tournament, however that number may be adapted depending on the amount of registrations. One team may not have less than 10 players registered, and no more than 16. All matches will be 8v8. Teams will need at least 6 players to participate in a match - if they do not have 6 when the match is scheduled to start, they will be disqualified. The 16 chosen teams will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. The officials have decided on no roster changes after the 22nd of May at 3pm UTC - the date registration closes. 

Registered teams: Edit

  • Apollo
  • China Baby Toes
  • Team Allah
  • La Vigen
  • The Crazy Beaners
  • Eternal Cross
  • Cacalmarin
  • Cronus
  • Proxy
  • Uber
  • Varsity
  • Team Ungespielt
  • ScorpionS
  • Xenarch
  • Endless Aptitude
  • Jalapeños
  • Arcadeus
  • Sagrevyum
  • Necromancy
  • Black Hole

Dates and Times Edit

Tournament Announcement: 8th of May

Registration Opens: 15th of May  

Maps Announced: 20th of May  

Registration Closes: 22nd of May

Teams Announced: 24th of May  

Groups Announced: 27th of May 

Tournament dates: Edit

  • Group A Matches 1-5: 4th of June - 4:00pm BST* - 8:30pm  BST (BO3)
  • Group A Matches 6-9: 11th of June - 4:00pm BST - 7:45pm BST (BO3)
  • Group B Matches 1-5: 18th of June - 4:00pm BST - 8:30pm BST (BO3)
  • Group B Matches 6-9: 25th of June - 4:00pm BST - 7:45pm BST (BO3)
  • Round 1, 2, Semi Finals, Losers Round 1 and 2: 9th of July - 4:00pm BST - 8:30pm BST (BO5)
  • Losers Round 3, 4 and the Overall Final: 10th of July - 4:00pm BST (BO5) 
  • 3rd Place Match: 10th of July - 6pm GMT (BO5) 

*BST (British Summer Time) = UTC +1

Winners Edit

1st Place: Team Allah

2nd Place: Apollo

3rd Place: China Baby Toes

Prizes were forum/game badge and rank in TS

All results here