Capture The Wool or just CTW is one of the oldest MCZone minigames, previosly a part of Nebula.

Gameplay Edit

The point of the game is to take other team's wool (from 1 to 3 blocks on modern maps) from wool rooms and place it on the wool monument on your team side. Wool is stored in chests in special wool rooms, also there are additional chests with armor, gold apples, bows and arrows. Players can't enter and modify wool rooms on their team side.

When wool is taken or captured by one team, other one won't know about this. If player dies with wool , it will dissapear as all remove-drop.

Tips Edit

  • Wear armor before going to take wool.
  • Build a safe way to other team's side and wool rooms.
  • Try to take all enemy's wool, and then go to wool monument.
  • Use extra weapons in the wool room.