Licentia Update is a small Avicus update, was announced on March 3, 2016.

Changes Edit

Most of the changes are there for the developers and senior staff team, they make the website more efficient and customizable.

Ranks are now stored in the database as opposed to a configuration file, and permissions for basically every action on the website is defined which means staff has a lot more power to control the actions of any rank. There are only a few noticeable "features" that an average user will see and are so minimal they aren't really worth noting.

Finally releasing this update means devs can actually get to real Avicus server development. Tangible features and updates that will improve the experience of playing on the Avicus Network.

Another cool website update.

Amended: 1.9 Edit

An official post about 1.9 on Avicus will be coming soon, but server will be updating eventually. Staff will do their best to please as many players as they can in the process, which means reverting some 1.9 gameplay features to how they behave in 1.8. Our focus recently has been on the permissions update.

In this case, since March 30 Avicus is compatible with 1.8 and 1.9 versions. That means, Avicus is running 1.8 with modifications to support 1.9 clients. 1.9 features are not enabled.

Name Edit

Licentia f ‎(genitive licentiae) means liberty, freedom. Now developers have more freedom to improve the network.