Builders: G_SKIPPY
Gamemode: DTM
Teams: Cyan and Purple
State: Removed
Server: -
Release Date: Before Avicus

Quintus is an old MCZone. It is essentially second version of Ternio - G_SKIPPY has said, that it is called Quintus, because Ternio means three in latin refering to it's three monuments. As Quintus has five monuments (the most of any map currently in rotation) it is named after the latin word for five.


The map is laid out with two bases for the teams (Purple and Cyan as in Ternio) facing each other. There are five monuments around the base:

  • Front Right
  • Front Left
  • Back Right
  • Back Centre
  • Back Left

There are two turrets on the fore front area of the bases, each with diamond kit in the chests.


Many players will go straight for the diamond armour and swords in the chests at the start of the game. Others will capitalise on the others being distracted and start to build bridges however they are seldom constructed in one life by one player. Many will eventually emerge. Captures are often by Bridging above or round the side, or simply by running through the other team's base before reaching the monuments. This requires a very un-vigilant opponent team.