Senex 1
Builders: ParaPenguin
Gamemode: DTM
Teams: Blue and Lime
State: Removed
Server: Destroy
Release Date: Before Avicus

Senex 1 is an old MCZone map. It has few sequels: Senex 2, Senex 3, Senex CTW.

Layout Edit

This is a sandstone themed map with 2 sides. It is shaped like an X and it contains 2 cylindrical islands with monuments in the back: Left and Right. Also there is middle island, devided by the wall, with 4 chests full of flame bows, flame rods and chestplates.

After last update flame bows were removed.

History Edit

As for the map's history, it was originally in MCZone, then carried onto Avicus, then being re-implemented into Avicore. Its duration is rather stalematey and usually resorts to U-Bridging, Underbridging, and Skybridging as this map has developed the most tactics. This was one of the older Nebula put into rotations. It has been updated since the original to obliterate the flame bows at front lines completely, and at one point were replaced with punch bows until those, ultimately, were removed.

Name Edit

The map's name origin remains unknown, however from results from Oxford and other sources, it means "Old man", usually poked at in literature or other media. Maybe author was inspired by ancient theme.