Senex 2
Builders: ParaPenguin


Gamemode: DTM
Teams: Haribo and Phoenix
State: In rotation
Server: Destroy
Release Date: Before Avicus

Senex 2 is an old MCZone map. This map is the 2nd map in the series of Senex alongside Senex 1, Senex 3 and Senex CTW.

Layout Edit

This is a sandstone themed map with 2 sides. It is shaped like an X, much like the original except the ends are more cylindrical, and contains 2 box-shaped monuments with webs in the back: Left and Right. Also teams have for cylinders of gold blocks.

History Edit

As for the map's history, it was originally in MCZone, dropped in Avicus, then being re-implemented into Avicore, but moved onto another board. It, as well as the Senex 1, are stalematey and can last over 2 hours; however the original used to have a bigger void gap.

Regarding updates, it was updated once to move the spectator spawn closer to the map, and to make the sides less longer. Also team's spawn point was moved on top of island.

For Atlas Update it was detailed, monument islands was fully rebuild.