Diamond Sword

Team Deathmatch or just TDM is one of the oldest MCZone minigames, previosly a part of Nebula. There you can build and craft on the map unlike Nexus.

Gameplay Edit

The point of minigame is to fight with other team and get more killpoints, when match ends, or to get 100 killpoints faster than opposite team. Usually match continues from 5 to 10 minutes. There is no kits, so players can use only their or map resources. Before Atlas Update TDM included one hit kill maps, now it is a part of Frenzy minigame.

Tips Edit

  • Build defence walls, bridges and towers to have a better attack position.
  • Be carefull on void build maps. There your enemies can knock you into the void.
  • Stay with your team, try not to fight alone with 2 and more players, if you don't have any armor.
  • Avoid opponents with better armor and weapons.